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What are the types of commemorative gifts for customers?

      I believe we have encountered this kind of headache: in business meetings, anniversary celebration badge gift selection, to the customer gifts to send what is good? Echo Xiao Bian suggested that we choose the type, cultural, business and other characteristics of the combination of gifts to customers. Specific to the customer to send what gift is good, the following are three types of gifts recommended:

1, business, practical type

      Recommend a variety of business suits, leather goods gifts: business suite optional office travel related to the signature pen insulation Cup, pen holder, travel suits, business cards, briefcases, tablet computer holster, etc. Today's business activities are related to traffic And communication, and go out of small things and more inconvenient to carry, this time the wallet card pack can help a lot, do not have a drum into the pocket, and face.

2, commemorative, cultural type

      The perfect combination of tea culture and the Spring Festival culture is a gift that has a healthy,

3, brand, advertising type

      Now very business, personal gifts are purchased with other people's brand logo gift to gift, which is equivalent to advertising for others, companies have not thought of giving gifts at the same time for their own advertising it? Xiaobian proposal can choose to customize a gift of their own corporate products, such as: commemorative badges, key ring, wallet, printed on the company's LOGO image, in a variety of exhibitions, promotions, festivals can be used as gifts To the customer, but also in the gifts at the same time to promote the corporate brand and culture.

      Of course, no matter what the situation, to send gifts must adhere to different customers according to the taste of different gifts, where the division of different customers can usually refer to the importance of your company to your company, the customer's identity level, the customer's gender, etc. Make the distinction, the same gift can not be sent twice Oh.

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Add:No.1 Street, ShangBian Road, PuXin DirectorialArea, ShiPai Town, DongGuan City, GuangDong, CN, 523338.
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