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A perfect medal, what does it mean?

It is a symbol

      Medal in the runners, is to complete the symbol of the game, is the embodiment of the target, won the medal, both to complete the game. There are running friends jokingly said: In order to get medals, kneeling have to finish. Regardless of the left foot right foot tens of thousands of steps on the road, you have experienced what, get the medal of the moment, it symbolizes you survive the game the most difficult, the most painful moment. You overcome your own, but also overcome the 42.195 schedule, this road is bitter sweet, are condensed in this small medal, how can not move.


It is honor

      Will complete the code loose as a challenge to life, and the completion of this challenge after the pride, meet all to hang in the chest of this medal, eager to show the results of the game, hope others see their honor. The medallion hanging in the neck, with the medals photo, kiss medals, have become the most direct way to express this emotion.


This is a sense of ritual to witness sweat

      Ordinary mediocre you, mediocre and nobody cares, maybe this life you will not have any amazing move. But when you stand on the road on the track, this hurriedly ran through the group of people, this shuttle the street, or familiar or unfamiliar. Moment of time to become a miniature road of life in miniature. You are sweating, you big mouth and mouth panting, and even thigh cramps, fork gas, whole body stiffness ... but this step is a step forward to run the dedication, so that your footsteps more determined, this moment you find, and then distant The goal is not out of reach, you can! You can rely on yourself!

      This moment in the hands of the medals, after 42.195 km of baptism, for you is not so common. You will find it seems to be so little different, but also seems to mean something. And these are the so-called rituals. From this moment, you have a marathon image in your life. When you look at the hands of the heavy custom medals, continue to accumulate, full of hanging on the wall, that moment eyeful of happiness and emotion, is your life jump out of the most gorgeous bright proof.

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